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Glyceryl Trinitrate, also known as GTN or Nitroglycerin.
While anal fissure does affect children, this product is recommended for adult use only.
One of the side effects of using Rectogesic is a mild headache. The ointment works by opening blood vessels, and unfortunately that can include the ones in your head.

Prolonged or severe headaches could be due to using too much ointment, or something more severe. As per the literature, try reducing the dose and avoiding use for the next eight hours. And if it gets worse, consult your medical practitioner.

The latest Consumer Medicine Information can be found here (external site).
Sorry, not yet.

Part of the problem is that it's damn expensive to send packages from Australia. Courier can theoretically deliver within 48-72 hours to anywhere in the world, but the cost is several times the cost of the ointment itself. Still, we understand that some people would gladly pay. We're working on it.

We suggest placing your next order four weeks before you are due to run out, just to make sure. The last thing we want is for you to run out of Rectogesic just as you were finally starting to heal. Four weeks gives enough time to take into account shipping/customs delays.
Wingham, about four hours drive north of Sydney, Australia.
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It's discreet. We use generic mailers from the shipping company. No mention of "Recto" or "Procto" on the outside of the parcel.
The name of our pharmacy. No mention of "ProctoRabbit," it's perfectly discreet and mentions nothing of the nature of your purchase.
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